Being so energy intensive, the production of aluminium is a costly process. Using the very latest technology to design and manufacture thermal process equipment is therefore key to reducing ever more expensive energy costs.

Heat recovery techniques are optimised into our range of furnaces, ovens and heaters giving improved efficiencies not achievable by other less experienced suppliers.

Melting & holding furnaces come in many different designs such as static, tilting and rotary. Launder systems are also incorporated into complete plant design if needed. Whether melting prime ingot or dirty scrap, Magma Combustion Engineering offers solutions tailor made to your requirements.

Be it die pre - heating, log/billet heating systems, casting or wax burn out furnaces Magma Combustion Engineering has the knowledge and experience to offer engineered solutions with precise temperature control. A prerequisite to ensure the optimum, cost effective forming process.

Magma Combustion Engineering has heat treatment furnaces and ovens for annealing and homogenising products such as profiles, plate and sheet are catered for. Typical charging systems like bogie hearth and roller hearth are used more often than not but conveyor tracks and customer specific charging machines have also been designed. Again heat recovery and precise control systems are key to the production of cost effective, high quality products. Constant temperature tracking and data monitoring ensures stable metallurgy.

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