About Us

Magma Combustion Engineering is an established, customer-driven company with Professional Engineers who utilise their knowledge, experience and expertise to improve their customers' hot thermal processes.

Heat Process Plant Equipment

  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Reheating furnaces
  • Melting / holding furnaces
  • Galvanising furnaces / kettles
  • Ladle heaters
  • Plus many more...

Environmental Saving and Waste Heat Recovery Systems

  • Regenerative combustion systems
  • Recuperative combustion systems

Environmental Impact Reduction Systems

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO)

Industrial Sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Forging
  • Iron & Steel
  • Non Ferrous
  • Aluminium
  • Ceramics

What We Cover

  • Design & Build
  • Upgrades
  • Servicing
  • Spares
  • Process Control


With many years experience in Thermal Process Equipment, Magma  Combustion Engineering has a proven record of developing and supplying innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers' hot process requirements.

Benefits of working with us

Working closely with our customers from quotation through to project completion, Magma's solution will offer the following benefits:

  • Design and project execution based on a wide experience of similar projects
  • Fully engineered and manufactured systems in accordance with our Approved Quality Assurance programme
  • Greater process control and cost/gas savings through process efficiencies
  • High system availability, reliability and performance
  • Reduced operating costs (in particular power consumption costs)
  • Environmentally sound solution
  • Simplicity of design with fully automatic controls, easily understood by plant operators
  • Flexibility to integrate with existing technologies

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