Rebrand as UNICAT Technologies will enable business to focus on ‘worldwide’ opportunities

Rebrand as UNICAT Technologies will enable business to focus on ‘worldwide’ opportunities

Magma Combustion Engineering and P&E Systems have rebranded together as UNICAT Technologies.

With many years’ experience in thermal process equipment sector, Magma Combustion Engineering has a proven record of developing and supplying innovative and cost-effective solutions for customers' hot process requirements.

P&E Systems, which became part of the Magma business in 2021 but retained its own trading name, are experts in the design, manufacture and commissioning of electrical control systems used in ranging environments from simple to complex, arduous environments and applications.

The move into a single brand now naturally aligns the businesses to the globally recognised UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, which also sits within the group portfolio, and is a leading global supplier of catalyst products and related services in the refining, chemical, steel, agricultural and green energy industries.

One brand with a ‘worldwide reputation’

Mark Stuckey, Chief Executive Officer of UNICAT, says the move comes at a time when the businesses collectively have ‘huge opportunities for growth.’

Explaining the move, he said: “We have businesses with a collective product range covering ceramics, combustion, electrical control panels and our innovative catalysts, however, until now, they have been trading with three separate identities, which becomes confusing for customers.

“UNICAT gives us a worldwide brand, and in recent years it has become a name with a reputation for innovation, particularly in the catalysts market, where we have developed world-leading products and identified significant opportunities for growth in the coming years.

“To achieve our goals we need the combined expertise of all of our businesses, each leaders in their specialist fields, and so bringing them all together in one brand was essential, and perfectly places us for future growth.”

Management and staffing unaffected by rebrand

The rebrand will not see any changes to day-to-day operations in what were the Magma Combustion and P&E Systems businesses in Huddersfield, nor in Dewsbury, where Magma had its UK headquarters. All companies will now trade under the UNICAT brand, under the same management team and with the same teams of employees.

Commercial Director Mark Godfrey said: “These are exciting times for the business, and for us to make the most of the significant opportunities ahead we need the combined expertise across all of our operations, so to bring them together under one single brand is the sensible solution.

“In the immediate future, the only changes for our staff will be the new brand and identity, but we truly believe that in the not so distant future, they will see significant growth and expansion of the business, which is course what we are all working towards.”

Visit the UNICAT Technologies website here.