Magma Combustion Engineering has been majorly instrumental in advancing the art of forging from what has traditionally been a rudimentary mechanical process to a more exacting engineering procedure.

Near net shaped forgings are now very common, grain structure science now optimises strength & metallurgical properties and material flow is calculated precisely. These improvements and efficiencies are only achieved when thermal process experts using the very latest technologies are able to offer more precise temperature control, temperature uniformity and temperature measurement.

Our experience and expertise has been chosen time and again for use in the development of forging furnaces used in the aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and nuclear industries.

The ability to engineer solutions sometimes not thought of by alternative suppliers has given Magma Combustion Engineering the reputation of market leaders in furnace technology. Reducing energy use, optimising available space and improving production and processes are at the forefront of our designs. Initial concepts and ideas are brought to life by Magma Combustion Engineering.

CFD analysis can be undertaken to indicate burner penetration and temperature uniformity, providing vital information in selecting the most efficient design. 

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