Magma Ceramics has the capability and experience to manufacture and supply high performance, precision made products to a wide variety of industries and market sectors.

These include:

  • Crucibles and pouring refractories for Superalloys, primary and secondary melting, investment casting & powder metals using vacuum induction or air melt furnaces
  • Distribution Boxes, Tundishes, Launders, Pancheons, Nozzles & Insulating Fibre Hot-Top Inserts for ingot electrode and bar-stock manufacture
  • Well Blocks, Ladles, Fibre Nozzles, Ladle Shrouds for steel making
  • Crucibles, Launders & Feeder-heads used in the melting and refining of precious and non-ferrous metal alloys
  • Metamics for multi-dip immersion temperature measurement in VIM furnaces
  • Silicon Carbide Muffle linings for sealed quench and other special atmosphere furnaces in the heat treatment of metals
  • Refractory Forehearth Superstructure, Expendables and Fibre Pre-forms in container & float glass industries
  • Saggars and other kiln furniture items used to produce technical ceramics, piezo ceramics, semi conductors, HV resistors etc.
  • Crucibles, Tundishes & Zirconia Atomising Nozzles for powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing.

Fired shapes