Heat Treatment

Magma Ceramics offers an extensive range of materials and manufacturing techniques and supplies a wide range of refractory Muffles, Saggars, Setters, Trays and Tiles to numerous heat treatment processing industries.

Whether you are heat treating metals, calcining powders and frits or sintering electrical carbon products, ceramic cores, resistors, tap washers, pump shafts, piezo-ceramics, technical ceramics or magnets, Magma Ceramics will have a solution for your process.

From Silicon Carbide, Fused Silica, Mullite, Sillimanite, Pure Alumina and Zirconia, we can offer a solution for your application from <1000°C to 1900°C in specialist applications.

Products include:

  • Muffles and Vent Tubes
  • Segmental SiC Muffles
  • Fibre Muffles
  • Controlled Cooling Aids

Specifically within the heat treatment of metals sector, Magma has a wide range of existing tools for standard industry sizes making full assemblies of Sealed Quench and Special Atmosphere furnaces used in the heat treatment of metals e.g. for Carburising, Carbonitriding, Case Hardening amongst others.  

Using high quality Silicon Carbide materials, specifically designed to resist chemical attack and abrasion, Magma Muffles are widely used by the leading companies in the metal heat treatment industry across Europe.

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