Advanced Ceramics

Advanced ceramics close up

Magma Ceramics manufactures a range of materials for kiln furniture shapes to be used in the manufacture and sintering of Advanced, Technical and Bio Ceramics.

Manufactured using high quality materials in Fused Silica, Silicon Carbide, Mullite, Alumina and Zirconia products include:

  • Saggars, lids, trays, tiles, boats
  • Grooved saggars / trays
  • Setter plates
  • Castellated saggars
  • Calcination Saggars, Calciner Tubes
  • Profiled Core Setters
  • Glazed SiC Saggars
  • Insulating boards and special shapes

Our Products

Saggars, Trays & Tiles

Available in a wide range of materials and whether you require vented, grooved, lidded, stackable or just plain, Magma Ceramics can accommodate all types of customer specified geometry to suit your specific application.

Core Setters

Magma Ceramics has the capability and experience in supplying profiled core setters to maintain exacting tolerances required and improve yields in the ceramic core industry.


Whether you are calcining pigments or preparing your own raw materials for your processes, Magma Ceramics has a wide ranging capability to manufacture the shapes you need in a suitable material to get the best out of your process.