Magma Ceramics Industries

With its core involvement being Molten Metals; melting, pouring, investment casting, transporting, flow control etc., Magma Ceramics is also widely involved in other sectors such as Glass, Heat Treatment, Technical Ceramics, Domestic Appliance, Chemicals, Fire Protection and Kiln & Furnaces.

As well as manufacturing traditional materials such as Alumina, Sillimanite and Mullite, Magma Ceramics offers more technical solutions using Silicon Carbide, Magnesia and Zirconia and by firing up to 1700 °C this gives Magma Ceramics the capability and expertise to meet all your refractory needs.

Magma Ceramics added fibre vacuum forming to its manufacturing facilities in 2017. A complete range of boards, shapes and complementary products are available manufactured from insulating refractory fibres.