Iron, Steel and Other Metals

Magma Ceramics is ideally located, having manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and UK, to offer a comprehensive range of advanced refractory engineered solutions for metal processing industries around the World.

In addition to the Superalloy sector, Magma Ceramics' products are well regarded and widely used in other metal sectors ranging from Iron, Steel and Aluminium to Copper, Platinum, Titanium and other precious metals.

With their extensive material range and forming methods, Magma Ceramics can provide a comprehensive range of products specifically developed for use with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Products include:

  • Well Blocks; made from high-purity, high-density materials that have been developed to have good thermal shock resistance, high strength and good resistance to corrosion and erosion
  • Nozzles; Used in conjunction with Well Blocks and have good high-temperature strength and corrosion & erosion resistance
  • Bottom Pour Ladle Liners; Designed with an integral slag-trap, these ladle liners are useful to obtain clean product in higher slag applications
  • Crucibles; A wide range of cast and pressed crucibles for induction melting of a whole range of non-ferrous and precious metals including Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Silver, Platinum Group Metals (PGM) and Titanium.  Our materials include, Fused Silica, Fireclay, Sillimanite, Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Magnesia, Zircon, PS-Zirconia and Pure Yttria
  • Protective Liners; Silicon Carbide liners to protect graphitic crucibles from oxidation in low-oxygen copper melting applications
  • Launders; For use in Aluminium or Copper applications to transport molten materials from furnace to mould.  Cast in Fused Silica and Silicon Carbide for excellent thermal shock resistance and not-wetting properties

Magma Ceramics steel industry photo

Our Products