Forehearth Expendables

Magma Ceramics manufactures a full range of Glass Expendable products for Container Glass, including Orifice Rings, Plungers, Feeder Tubes, Stirrers and Spout Bowls.

Refractory shapes

Magma Ceramics specialise in the manufacture of precision cast refractories for the Glass industry.  

Within the Container Glass sector, Magma Ceramics supplies a full range of forehearth expendable products including orifice rings, plungers, feeder tubes and spout bowls,

We have well established facilities in the UK and Vietnam, allowing us to produce high quality refractory parts to the required exacting standards, whilst enabling us to remain competitive in today's market.

Materials have been developed over the years to be highly refractory and resistant to erosion and corrosion.  These include:

  • Sillimanite
  • Sintered Mullite
  • Fused Mullite
  • Zirconia Mullite

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