Multi-dip immersion thermocouple protection sheaths for vacuum melting applications


Metamics, from Metal – Ceramics, are made from a Molybdenum-Alumina-Zirconia composite material used solely for the manufacture of Metamic Pyrometer Sheaths – a thermocouple protection sheath used for multi-dip immersion temperature measurements of molten Superalloys in vacuum conditions.

Metamics can be used in temperatures up to 1900°C and, since no inner sheath is required, gives rapid temperature response with each dip immersion. 

Often used to calibrate or double-check the readings off a semi-continuous Radiation Pyrometer, the Metamic can be used multiple times and depending on foundry practices this can be upwards of 40 times, whilst remaining fully stable and suffering no contaminant issues to the melt.

Metamics are recommended for use in the primary production of Superalloys and special steels in vacuum and are widely used in the vacuum investment casting industry in the UK, Europe, USA and Japan.  A range of standard sizes are available up to a maximum length of 300mm.