Spouts, Pancheons / Splash plates

Magma Ceramics is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of pouring refractories for the Superalloy sector.

Spout illustration

Working closely with the leading OEMs of Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces, Magma Ceramics has the capability to produce bespoke designs of Spouts and Pancheons, or Splash Plates, to suit all sizes and tonnages of melts and to suit the size of bar stock being produced.  


Our experienced Sales team will collaborate with your design engineers to bring about a specific solution to your foundry’s needs, in the most economic way, ensuring metal flow is optimised.

Spout photo

Magma Ceramics’ Spouts are generally manufactured in High Alumina or Magnesia materials.  They can be integrated into the crucible wall or they can be supplied as a separate item to be installed into the furnace wall or indeed into a brick-lined crucible wall depending on your foundry requirements.

Materials are robust and are particularly resistant to surface spalling and erosion. 

Magma's pouring refractory materials will help support your foundry’s goals of cleaner metals and efficient production, reduced inclusions, reduced piping and high metal yields.

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