Products for Glass Industries: Float Glass, Container Ware and Studio Art Glass

Magma Ceramics is a leading supplier of refractories within the world of Glass manufacturing.

Magma Ceramics container glass photo

Whether you are looking for complete forehearth rebuild or consumable refractory components, Magma Ceramics has the capability and capacity to competitively manufacture quality products and meet your requirements on precision, reliability, glass quality and longevity.

Magma can supply complete forehearth assemblies for the Container Glass industry, including forehearth arch blocks, burner blocks, bottom blocks and channels.  Our production facilities enable us to accommodate the largest blocks and to machine them to tight tolerances.

Refractory shapes process photo

Magma Ceramics manufactures a full range of glass expendable products for Container Glass, including orifice rings, plungers, feeder tubes, stirrers and spout bowls

In addition, Magma Ceramics specialise in the manufacture of precision cast refractories for the Float Glass industry. Magma’s product range includes roof tiles, hanger bricks and entrance/exit lintel blocks.

For Studio Art Glass, Magma produces a wide range of glass melting crucibles, available in sizes from 1 to 82 litres, which covers most Glass Studio requirements, including blowing, casting and colour working.

We produce and supply glass melting crucibles in a range of material qualities, suitable for most glass types, varying temperatures and service length.  

Magma Ceramics fired shapes

We also manufacture a wide variety of gathering rings, furnace doors and stoppers.

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