"Golf ball" texturing generates turbulent flow around the catalyst, reducing drag coefficient and pulling reactant gases around the pellet, seeing all sides evenly and also allowing gas to flow smoothly into the spaces behind each pellet.

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Our latest video demonstrates MagCat Textured Spheres packing uniformly with minimal void space, creating an even distribution of gas flowing throughout the tube.


21st Century Hydrogen…
Magma’s Revolutionary New Catalyst Design.

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Catalyst Review 2021

A completely new approach to catalyst design has unlocked improvements in geometric surface area, pressure drop profile, heat transfer and gas flow characteristics.

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Magma’s four-year multifaceted development program to examine and improve all properties impacting SMR catalyst performance has resulted in a patent pending of Magcat textured technology.

Magcat Catalysts were commercialized in 2019 and will be installed by the end of 2020 in 10 SMR refineries. Results indicate:

  • Significant increases in Hydrogen Production
  • Increased Reforming Efficiency
  • Significantly Reduced Catalyst Cost per volume of Gas Reformed

Data from our first installation showed up to 10% increase in hydrogen production.