Our Dewsbury site Magma Group/Magma Catalysts have rebranded together as UNICAT Catalyst. Our Ceramics arm will continue to trade under the Magma/Magma Ceramics name. 

The move into a single brand naturally aligns the businesses to the globally recognised UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, LLC, which also sits within the group portfolio, and is a leading global supplier of catalyst, absorbents and related services in the refining, chemical, steel, agricultural and green energy industries.

One brand with a ‘worldwide reputation’

Mark Stuckey, Chief Executive Officer of UNICAT, says the move comes at a time when the businesses collectively have ‘huge opportunities for growth.’

Explaining the move, he said: “We have businesses with a collective product range covering ceramics, combustion, electrical control panels and our innovative catalysts, however, until now, they have been trading with three separate identities, which becomes confusing for customers.

“UNICAT gives us a worldwide brand, and in recent years it has become a name with a reputation for innovation, particularly in the catalysts market, where we have developed world-leading products and identified significant opportunities for growth in the coming years.

“To achieve our goals we need the combined expertise of all of our businesses, each leaders in their specialist fields, and so bringing them all together in one brand was essential, and perfectly places us for future growth.”

Management and staffing unaffected by rebrand

The rebrand will not see any changes to day-to-day operations. Both companies, alongside their sister companies at Huddersfield will now trade under the UNICAT brand, under the same management team and with the same teams of employees.

Visit the UNICAT Catalyst website here. 

New Year, New Patent:,Revolutionizing Customer Profitability Through Innovative Technologies

Innovation is at the heart of our company mission, driving us toward new horizons and patent successes. Dedicated to revolutionising Catalyst technology to deliver improved customer financial and environmental performance. At UNICAT, we focus on listening and learning about customer aims and problems, in turn creating and shaping our pipeline of innovation to create customer value and profitability.

As we enter the New Year, we're thrilled to announce the successful attainment of our second Patent, a significant milestone in our journey of innovation. This patent encompasses revolutionary Cassette Technology, specifically designed to streamline, and automate the intricate process of Hand Casting.

Building upon our initial success with the Textured Spheres Patent, which has already been granted in the UK and India and is actively undergoing the patenting process in key global markets, we're now further fortifying our intellectual property.


Our Latest Hydrocarbon Engineering Aticle by, Tim MichalecJames EstebanWill Bridges and Tom Ventham, UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, LLC, explore how innovative next generation AFS technology can help to increase bed cycle time and efficiency, while reducing costs and improving profitability.


Mark Stuckey, UNICAT Catalyst Technologies LLC, discusses the emergence of next-generation spherical catalysts and their impact on yield increases and reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in tubular reformers.

The next generation of catalyst required a step change in carrier manufacturing processes. It is generally known that spherical shapes pack better in tubes than alternate cylindrical types, however it has been difficult to manufacture spheres in volume, so all conventional carriers have been non-spherical.

However, 12 years ago, UNICAT, knowing the packing benefits, introduced the first spherical catalyst into a tubular steam reformer.


Some fantastic news for us to receive here at Magma Group, to kick off the New Year – After much dedication and hard work from everyone involved, the Patent on our Magcat Textured Catalyst technology has finally been approved.

A Patent means that ‘Your invention can no longer be produced or sold without your consent.’

Magma’s multifaceted development program to examine and improve all properties impacting SMR catalyst performance has resulted in a Patent Approval on Magcat Textured technology.

For further information on our Innovative Magcat Catalyst: click here

View our latest article featuring in the November 2022 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering about our Universal Catalyst Carrier

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Magma Group received a visit from Her Majesty the Queen’s Royal Representative the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire on Thursday the 11th August to be presented with the official Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation trophy on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.


Managing Director Mark Stuckey was invited to Buckingham Palace by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales on the evening of the 12th July to formally celebrate the award.

Winning businesses were invited to a reception, hosted at Buckingham Palace in the presence of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, there businesses were presented with the opportunity to network with other 2022 winners as well as HRH The Prince of Wales himself.


Magma is currently Hiring for Manufacturing Operatives

For more details or to apply contact Linda Archer at l.archer@magmagroup.com

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About Magma is recruiting for a new QHSE Manager.

For more details or to apply contact Linda Archer at l.archer@magmagroup.com.

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Magma Group honoured with Queens Award for Enterprise - for Innovation

Magma is one of 226 organisations nationally to be recognised with a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Announced today, Magma has been recognised for its excellence in Innovation.

Mark Stuckey, Managing Director of Magma Group, commented; “We are honoured to have been recognised for the Queens Award for Enterprise for Innovation this year.
‘For ten years we have been expanding and growing the business and coming up with innovative new ideas to develop our Catalyst product, and it is great that our hard work and dedication has been recognised."


Magcat Catalysts produce up to 15% more syngas through the steam reforming process.

Magcat spheres produce a more uniform gas flow, maintaining good gas-to-catalyst contact.


Magcat Catalyst Technology 

6-IN-1 SMR Catalyst

Magcat produce up to 15% more syngas through the steam reforming process.

Read our informative brochure here.


Increase your hydrogen production by 15%

Ideal gas-flow patterns increase heat transfer rate from the tube wall, which in turn increases reforming capability, and reduces tube wall temperatures. 


"Golf ball" texturing generates turbulent flow around the catalyst, reducing drag coefficient and pulling reactant gases around the pellet, seeing all sides evenly and also allowing gas to flow smoothly into the spaces behind each pellet.

Read our informative brochure on how MagCat drives catalyst performance.


Our latest video demonstrates MagCat Textured Spheres packing uniformly with minimal void space, creating an even distribution of gas flowing throughout the tube.


21st Century Hydrogen…
Magma’s Revolutionary New Catalyst Design.

Read our lead article in Hydrocarbon Engineering.

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Catalyst Review 2021

A completely new approach to catalyst design has unlocked improvements in geometric surface area, pressure drop profile, heat transfer and gas flow characteristics.

Read our review in Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine.

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Magma’s four-year multifaceted development program to examine and improve all properties impacting SMR catalyst performance has resulted in a patent pending of Magcat textured technology.

Magcat Catalysts were commercialized in 2019 and will be installed by the end of 2020 in 10 SMR refineries. Results indicate:

  • Significant increases in Hydrogen Production
  • Increased Reforming Efficiency
  • Significantly Reduced Catalyst Cost per volume of Gas Reformed

Data from our first installation showed up to 10% increase in hydrogen production.