Within the refining and petrochemical industries, the removal of impurities plays a large part in the catalyst efficiency.

Impurities, such as arsine, chloride and mercury, result in the poisoning of the catalyst and the corrosion of the steel equipment. Our products remove these impurities to improve the efficiency and longevity of the catalyst.

Our broad product line and layered bed design technology provides the flexibility for optimal purification performance. We take into consideration the severity of service and operating conditions to provide the best solutions for your purification needs.

For the removal of sulphur, chloride and other impurities, we match our purification product to your specific purification conditions, including impurity type, concentration and temperature.

Our Products

  • Arsine & Phosphine removal
  • Chloride & Halogen removal
  • Mercury removal
  • Oxygen removal
  • Reducing Gas removal
  • Sulphur removal