Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a well-established gas separation technique in hydrogen purification, air separation and/or gas drying systems.

The Adsorbent materials selected and employed in the PSA process as well as a proper process engineering are extremely important in the improvement of the PSA unit’s performance. We offer a premium range of absorbents and a deep technical understanding in PSA engineering systems to lead our customer to the best PSA performance possible.

In a standard gas stream, there is a significant number of contaminants which must be removed. Different layers of absorbents are commonly used to remove one or more targeted contaminants. We offer multiple versions of molecular sieve, activated carbon, silica gel, and activated alumina.

Our Products

  • CO and N2 removal
  • CO2, CO and H2S removal
  • H2S, CS2 and CO2 removal
  • H2O and heavy hydrocarbon removal
  • Rapid liquid absorption