Pouring Refractories

Fired refractory shapes

With its core involvement being molten metal handling, i.e. melting, pouring, transporting, flow control etc., Magma Ceramics offers quality solutions for your high temperature, technical refractory needs.

Magma Ceramics is a world-leading supplier of quality Distribution Boxes, Tundishes, Launders, Spouts, Pancheons, Nozzles and other complimentary materials for installation purposes etc.

With decades of experience in providing quality solutions and with materials already approved for use in Aerospace applications globally, Magma Ceramics will work with you to optimise flow and produce cleaner metals.

With most designs bespoke, Magma Ceramics works closely with the leading VIM furnace OEMs to provide a refractory solution to suit your particular foundry.

Sillimanite and Alumina grades offer robust, reliable materials specifically designed to withstand the most arduous conditions of thermal shock and metal erosion.

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